ForrestBrown wins Dartington’s approval for R&D tax credit advice

WELCOME to Testimonial. In this edition we ask Richard Halliday (above), commercial director at Dartington Crystal, which of his suppliers he would recommend to other members of Made in Britain.

TESTIMONIAL is the place where members of Made in Britain recommend a company that has provided them with a great product or service. The supplier company doesn’t have to be a member of Made in Britain, they might not even be eligible to join. But they must have provided a client member with something for which that member would recommend them to other members. If you have a supplier that you would recommend to other members, email with answers to the questions we ask in the feature.

Made in Britain: What is the name of your company and what do you do?

Member: Dartington Crystal. Click here to visit our Made in Britain profile. We are Britain's leading crystal glassware producers and the most recognised brand for simple yet functional glassware in the UK. We hand-make our crystal in the UK using traditional craft skills plus we also design and source machine-made glass from European volume producers. As well as selling via retail channels we have a significant business in bespoke and specialist products for luxury markets around the world. 

What is the name of the company you want to endorse and what did they do for you?

ForrestBrown, our R&D tax credit advisers. 

The term ‘R&D’ might put traditional businesses like us off, but as ForrestBrown have taught us, R&D includes a whole range of work. The benefit we’ve received from our work with ForrestBrown over the years has had a substantial impact on our business and, given the nature of the sector we’re all working in, I think many fellow members could benefit too.

Perhaps most notably was how the relief allowed us to set up our own trainee programme. There is no governing body for glass-blowing, meaning Dartington Crystal is not able to seek government funding for apprentices. We have to pay the normal market rate for trainees and the R&D tax credit allows us to invest in the future of our industry. 

Why would you recommend ForrestBrown to other members of Made in Britain?

It’s possible of course, to claim R&D tax credits on your own, but I’d recommend working with a specialist. ForrestBrown fully prepare and submit our claims which frees up our time, ensures we receive the correct amount for our innovation and ensures our claims are protected from risk. 

Finally, at a more intangible level, claiming this benefit has transformed our mindset. The real power of R&D tax credits comes when you use your imagination as to how you can spend the money to drive your growth, and so for any members who haven’t considered the funding I’d urge you to do so. 

How should members get in touch with ForrestBrown?

If you’d like to learn more about how ForrestBrown have helped us, we’ve shared our story on their website. If you’d like to find out whether your company is eligible, I’d recommend speaking with Adam Kotas (right), chartered tax adviser and director at ForrestBrown. He can be reached via or on 0117 926 9022.




If you would like to recommend a supplier to other members of Made in Britain, please email with the answers to the following questions:

What is the name of your company and what do you do?

What is the name of the company you want to endorse and what did they do for you?

Why would you recommend this company to other members of Made in Britain?

How should members get in touch with this organisation?

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