Fracino launch first-ever Video Showcase for members

Made in Britain member Fracino are launching their 2018 SHOWCASE offer to members with an amazing campaign for everyone who loves the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee. 
This special offer is open only to businesses that are members of Made in Britain. 

To showcase their product range to Made in Britain members, the sales team at Fracino are donating this luxury, polished stainless steel finish, Piccino model to the member company that sends them the best Fracino photo. For the full terms of this Made in Britain member see below.


To take part, members  must publish their photo on social media using the #fracinoshowcase hashtag and identifying the Made in Britain member they work for. If you prefer, you can e-mail your photo to and write #fracinoshowcase in the subject line, then quote your membership number. Fracino boss, Adrian will pick his favourite later this year and Made in Britain will visit the winning manufacturer to film the machine being used for the first time. Ten runners up will get a set of six Fracino cappuccino cups and saucers. 


It's easy to spot a Fracino machine. In coffee shops all around Britain, there are 1000s of beautifully designed and superbly crafted Fracino coffee machines making millions of cups of coffee every single day. 

Here are a few ways you can spot a Fracino machine at your local coffee shop or anywhere that serves high quality coffee from a Fracino machine Made in Britain. 

There’s a beautiful Fracino badge on all their machines. On most models the logo is embossed into the front panel, whilst others feature a prominent die-cast badge, emphasising the precision quality, hand-crafted into every machine they produce. And you can always just ask your barista: “Is that a Fracino, made in Britain?”


You can even spot Fracinos when you're abroad - Fracino export all around the world so look out for them when you're overseas too.  

If you prefer to submit a printed photograph, just send it to Peter Atmore, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at Fracino, 18-22 Birch Road East, Birmingham B6 7DB.
And make sure you mention the Made in Britain member business you work for. Just ask your Marketing or Sales department. 

Entrants must work for one of the members of Made in Britain as this offer is not open to non-members. If you think the manufacturing business you work would benefit by joining the community of #1000makers, you can read our Terms & Conditions first to see if your business is eligible.


Making use of the Made in Britain SHOWCASE sales channel service is one of the benefits of being a member of Made in Britain. Members, when they join, make special offers to other members to encourage trade between British manufacturing businesses. This helps encourage the Made in Britain supply chain and is a great way for our members to get to know each other.

If your business is a member of Made in Britain, and you’ve not yet made your SHOWCASE offer, get in touch here: We can help you put your showcase offer together – and you can present as many showcase offers as you like – but the products you offer must be Made in Britain.

Terms of this Member Only offer 

  1. This Showcase offer is only open to members of Made in Britain and the employees who work for them. If you’re not sure if your manufacturing business is a member of Made in Britain, ask your sales or marketing department if they have joined the not-for-profit organization that is Helping Britain’s Manufacturers Sell More with one marque. 
  2. Only one entry per person will be assessed by Adrian at Fracino and his decision will be final and based on which photo he likes the most. 
  3.  A company that is a member of Made in Britain and employs ten people can submit a maximum of ten photographs, one from each employee. 
  4. Submitted online photos must be accompanied by the #fracinoshowcase and the Made in Britain membership number of the business you work for. You can also give your photograph a title such as “Fracino machine spotted hard at work in Wokingham”. 
  5. Fracino and Made in Britain will not be responsible for confirmation to the entrant of submission of your photo on social media. Fracino and Made in Britain will try to search for all #fracinoshowcase submissions using internet searches. The only social media channel that Made in Britain will monitor daily for postings is Twitter. 
  6. If you enter this member only special offer and want a confirmation that your image is being considered, you must write to quoting your full membership details and membership number, with an e-mail copy of the photo. Fracino and Made in Britain will only reply to applicants that specifically request a receipt of entry. 
  7. Fracino and Made in Britain will donate the coffee machine of their choice to the winner and give a set of cappuccino cups to the 10 runners up. The winner will be entirely responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the machine and will not take delivery of the machine until the correct instalment procedure has been followed and all preparations made at the site. Fracino and Made in Britain will be responsible for the correct installation of the coffee machine. 
  8. Fracino and Made in Britain reserve the right to create publicity around this membership special offer and to promote British manufacturing as a result of the publicity and PR that is generated. 
  9. Fracino and Made in Britain reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this special offer at any time. 
  10. Fracino and Made in Britain, as the promoters, reserve the right to withdraw this promotion/special offer at any time. 
  11. Fracino is a limited company registered in England & Wales 07317241. Made in Britain is a not-for-profit organization limited by guarantee. You can read the full terms of membership here.
  12. This Member-only offer runs from Wednesday 14th March to Friday 28th September 2018 and is only open to the staff of businesses that are members of Made in Britain.

By Made in Britain 4 years ago | Special offers from members

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