Further Investment Announcement

Following on from refurbishment of our offices and the extension on our manufacturing capabilities, we have now invested in and installed a Production Monitoring Package throughout our site. This allows us to connect the shop-floor to the top floor in real time, and deliver live and accurate production and process information.

Adopting smart technology is essential in order to further improve our productivity, and the installation of the InTouch Monitoring Software is a major step towards this. It allows us to easily access vital data, configured to our particular requirements. The data is displayed on several flat screens throughout the site, which allows employees from every department to gain access into our production. Moreover, the data can be accessed on any interactive in-hand device such as an iPad, allowing the information to be accessed anytime, anywhere.

The collected analytics can be analysed both daily, and over a larger duration of time. The software allows us to visibly see the output of all our manufacturing machines and view the order quantity and the job time remaining. However, by far the most important information we are able to access is the uptime and downtime of each machine, allowing us to make use of our kit in the most efficient fashion, increasing our overall equipment effectiveness. Working efficiently and streamlining production is so important for any manufacturer, but especially for us at this moment as our aim is to transition to lean manufacturing – ensuring quality whilst cutting waste.

Our Manufacturing Operations Director Garry Baldwin stated “This software has been a fantastic addition, the fact the data is on show all the way through the facility gives interdepartmental visibility which I think is very important. The sheer depth of information we are able to access within seconds is astounding and I look forward to analysing this, seeing what areas must be altered, and subsequently see positive change from this”.

Since we have had the software installed, we have obtained invaluable data, which has revolutionised our data collection. In the future, the benefits using the software are exponential. The bespoke reports gathered every minute of every day will allow deep insightful assessment, enabling informed decisions to be made to streamline production operations, benchmark processes, and identify areas within our machinery that needs attention and aid our transition to lean manufacturing. 

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