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Here at Precision Dippings Manufacturing we take pride in everything we do whether it’s continuing to expand our dip moulding and manufacturing services for other businesses in sectors such as the medical and industrial ones or developing our own product: Bloccs®.

Bloccs® Waterproof Cast & Dressing Covers protect casts and dressings from water whilst showering, bathing or even swimming. We use a skin-tight waterproof seal that is based on our experience of manufacturing dry suit seals.

We make the covers out of natural rubber latex allowing them to stretch over casts and bandages whilst still keeping a tight seal allowing wearers to continue with their daily routines. We have products that are suitable for arms, legs, elbows and knees all available in a range of sizes.

The arms, legs and elbows are not only available for both adults and children but are also all on UK prescription. This has been a huge milestone for our product as it has helped us start to get more recognition amongst medical practitioners and pharmacists helping to expand the growth of our Bloccs® brand. Our covers are also available through Amazon and our website. We also have leaflets that contain more information about our brand that hospitals can include in patients aftercare packages. These leaflets give customers a code for free first class delivery when purchasing via our website.

Bloccs® are a certified Class 1 Medical Device in the UK and have now been registered in 22 European Countries. In the past five years, Bloccs® have grown rapidly and are now available globally including in marketplaces such as America Australia and Europe. We are a well-established brand in our niche available internationally through Amazon.

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