How BST is supporting the Made in Britain campaign

Doncaster based BST is one of the world’s leading suppliers of metal detectable and x-ray visible products, which are widely used in the food industry. With over 70% of its product range made in Great Britain, BST has been a long term supporter of the Made in Britain campaign and its marque.

Recent changes to its website mean that BST is flying the flag for British industry on an even bigger scale. Customers can clearly see when a product is made in the UK by seeing the Made in Britain marque displayed alongside it. The Made in Britain marque is proudly on display in the new BST brochure and managers proudly wear Made in Britain badge pins when meeting with global distribution partners.

Will Anderson, Marketing Manager at BST said: “The Made in Britain marque adds value to BST’s products as symbol of quality, whilst also contributing a small celebration of the true Britishness of the products and company.”

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