Our website is greener than your website!

Here at SEP, whilst we’re aware a lot of our operational activities may have environmental impacts, we’d never considered our online activity could too…

Would you believe that even running a website and other online activities such as sending an email, uses vast amounts of carbon?! We were shocked to discover this too.

Our external website and marketing partners recently brought this to our attention, along with the option of environmentally-friendly, green hosting. In partnership with a hosting company which uses 100% renewable energy to run their servers, our marketing team offered us the chance to get involved.

The various datacentres used and their associated activities are powered by 100% certified, green-sourced energy, all work is carried out in energy efficient buildings, green policies are implemented throughout the supply-chain and schemes such as tree-planting and carbon offsetting are pursued. It was a no-brainer. And with no cost implications, it’s good to know that our website hosting package is as environmentally sound as it can be.

Head over to the A Better Planet website to learn more about green hosting and other good-for-the-planet projects and initiatives.

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