How many engineers does it take to set up for an international trade show?

In May we were at Sensor + Test in Nuremberg, Germany with two live data dashboards. We had Praxis/OPCube monitors operational in Nuremberg City Centre and at the entrance to the exhibition hall.  

Here’s some ‘behind the scenes’ photos of preparation for our stand. Check out our transformation from empty stand to ready for business (and no, we don’t mean Bruno’s swift change into a very dapper suit!)

We were delighted to have our newest member of the team, Selma (Camélia) SAIDI, at the exhibition with us. A recent graduate of the University of Toulouse, she helped set up our data dashboard and discuss the latest air quality device innovations with visitors.

While it looks like David may have left them to do all the work, he is in fact behind the camera. 

Praxis/OPCube collocated with Nuremberg reference station

We collaborated with Nuremberg City Council’s air quality team to installed a Praxis/OPCube alongside a City Council owned reference station at Jakobsplatz, Nuremberg. All Nuremberg data (NO2 + PM) gathered by South Coast Science is made available to the public through a live dashboard, so the City Council’s air quality team can compare performance with their reference data.

The second OPCube was installed in the entrance lobby of the Nuremberg Messe. This location is ideal for monitoring changes in air quality (CO2 + PM) over the course of the event. 

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