How temporary storage could benefit your business

A robust and flexible solution to both temporary storage and seasonal storage issues, temporary storage refers to any non-permanent structure used for private or (most commonly) commercial storage. Often, these temporary storage spaces are used to house goods and merchandise, but can be used for practically any purpose – especially if they’ve been designed fully bespoke for a specific customer.

Temporary storage comes in handy for a variety of different reasons. From keeping down costs and creating almost instant overflow storage to providing essential space during the refurbishment of permanent buildings, temporary storage buildings and containers have a wide range of important, and sometimes essential, uses.

Not to mention, in the event that your permanent storage building requires extensive and intrusive maintenance or suffers unforeseen damage (such as flood, fire or hurricane damage), temporary storage is often necessary to keep your business afloat during this difficult time while permanent buildings are being repaired, rebuilt or replaced.

Plus, many businesses can spend a lot of time and money transporting their goods to storage facilities away from the place of manufacture. Instead of dedicating these valuable resources to the transport of these goods away from the site of manufacture, businesses can use these resources for other purposes if they’ve invested in additional temporary storage facilities on their existing site.

Our temporary storage buildings

Protective, durable and secure, single skin steel storage buildings are a fantastic temporary storage option. Boasting a more permanent and impressive appearance than industrial storage tents, these steel storage buildings offer a great level of security for long-term temporary storage projects. Designed to provide comprehensive protection from the elements, steel storage buildings are a popular choice for many of our clients.

While this storage solution has no natural insulating properties, it can be used in conjunction with other products to help tackle condensation. To provide more insultation to this type of temporary building, you can also opt for a robust thermo-inflated roof – ideal for eliminating that pesky condensation!

Durable and practical, single skin PVC storage buildings allow businesses that are in a hurry to expand their space to do so in a similar way to our single skin steel storage buildings. Ideal for using as wet-weather cover, pallet storage and even staff walkways, these temporary storage structures are known for being both easy to erect and transport.

A cost-effective solution to the storage challenges that many businesses face, our PVC buildings are available up to 30m wide and in any length, ensuring they’re suitable for a whole host of different businesses from various industries. Plus, if you require this building in a particular colour or with your branding on the exterior, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll ensure it fits in seamlessly with surrounding buildings on your existing site.

Just like the single skin steel storage buildings, PVC storage buildings can also be fitted with an optional thermo-inflated roof to help combat the build-up of condensation and provide additional insulation to the roof.

While many of our temporary storage solutions can be modified to provide a greater level of protection or insulation, our fully-insulated storage buildings come complete with this level protection, allowing them to remain in situ for years to come. Ideal for storing stock that requires temperature control, this structure is ideal for preventing both heat loss and condensation.

Providing optimal security and meeting those all-important UK Building and Fire Regulations, this storage solution is safe and secure. Not only are our insulated structures both long-lasting and robust, but these panels can also be manufactured in a variety of different thicknesses, colours, and finishes to complement your more permanent buildings.

Need more space? 

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