ICOM Scottech receives Made in Britain accreditation

KELSO-based ICOM Scottech is a contract electronics manufacturer assembling printed circuit boards (PCB) in the beautiful Scottish Borders. It has now been accredited by Made in Britain.

ICOM Scottech offers PCB assembly for both surface mount and through-hole technology; cable assembly and complete product manufacture. It also offers design solutions from PCB layout to full product design.

Steve Drew, business development manager at ICOM Scottech told Made in Britain, “We, like many companies, are in competition with lots of others, so we are hoping joining Made in Britain will help us stand out. The business is looking to grow exponentially over the next few years, so putting ourselves above the parapet allows us to get the name out there.

“We are in an industry that competes directly with off-shore manufacturing. A lot of customers use China and Eastern Europe for low-cost assembly of printed circuit boards, so being part of a UK manufacturing organisation pushing UK benefits can only be a good thing. It might make people think twice, or at least give us, and the UK, a try at competing. It shouldn’t all be about price but service, support and flexibility too.

Mr Drew went on: “I like the idea of being patriotic and pushing the Made In Britain brand, letting people know we are proud to support Britain, especially at the moment, where I think some patriotism wouldn't go amiss. Maybe we can get ourselves back on our feet. Also Made in Britain provides the opportunity to network and learn from other like-minded companies.”

ICOM Scottech will use the official Made in Britain mark on its social media pages, website and possible adverts. Find out more from its members' directory profile page here.

By Made in Britain 1 year ago | Made in Britain news

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