Imbue-Quarter Ltd joins Made in Britain

BRISTOL-based Imbue-Quarter Ltd is a brand new start-up company that manufactures shower trays for the domestic contract and commercial market. Imbue-Quarter Ltd has now joined the Made in Britain organisation. 

Imbue-Quarter Ltd told Made in Britain that due to the impact of the global pandemic the company had to draw upon the combined business experience of its three owners, who were brand new to the bathroom industry, to navigate its way through the uncertainty. The company changed its business model and strategy to start manufacturing acrylic desk and bar screens and pulled together to ensure it came through this period with solid foundations in place to move the company forward. Imbue-Quarter Ltd is now able to focus on its core business of manufacturing shower trays.

Imbue-Quarter Ltd believes it is important that its distinctive, unique shower trays and fittings should enable the bathroom to reflect the personal style of the owner as much as any other room in the house. The company says that functionality in the bathroom does not mean that aesthetics have to be compromised and it offers its customers a range of products in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes that will complement any bathroom space in the home. Under its Private Room name shower trays are available in five warm and natural-themed colours which the company manufactures using its own unique stone resin compound with an acrylic capping that provides an anti-slip finish. Imbue-Quarter Ltd also ensures that sustainability and durability is at the centre of its manufacturing process, making every effort to source local raw materials and is proud that its acrylic shower tray is extremely durable and 100% recyclable when it does reach the end of its long life. 

John Tanner, commercial director, at Imbue-Quarter Ltd Ltd, told Made in Britain, “As a new manufacture in the UK we will need the support of the made in Britain organisation and its members, we will need help in every aspect of our business especially the ability to network with other members who may be able to help us get some recognition and traction in a market that is new to us. I believe the EU scenario will only strengthen the recognition and aspiration of being made in Britain and I think we all have a great opportunity to strengthen our business going forward. It is and will continue to become even more important to be able to say with pride that we are members of the Made in Britain organisation.”

Imbue-Quarter Ltd will be using the official Made in Britain mark on its website, on its marketing and promotional literature as well as on its packaging and stationery. Find out more about the company at its members’ directory profile here and its website here




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