Incremental makes Production 3D printed components even more beautiful adding Vapour Polishing

Incremental Engineering has added Vapour polishing to its' finishing options.

What is Vapour Polishing / Vapour smoothing?

This is a chemical process that reflows the surface for 3D Printed parts.  Printed parts are loaded into a pressurised and heated chamber.  A controlled volume of solvent is then released into the chamber and vaporised.  After a preset time the vapour is evacuated and parts recovered.

Why do Vapour polishing on 3D Printed parts?

There are many reasons to put your 3D Printed Parts through vapour polishing.  The most common reasons are listed below:

- Improved looks.  Vapour polished components simply look beautiful.  We can achieve finished in line with injection moulded parts.

- Improved Sealing.  Parts can be sealed for underwater use, smoother surfaces also allows for more effective o-ring and gasket sealing of mating faces.

- Hygiene.  Vapour polished parts have been shown to inhibit microbial growth when compared to un vapour polished parts.  Due to reduced absorbency parts are easier to clean.

  - Improved strength.  Reflowing and removal of surface microcracks / interlayer voids increases the final parts strength,  fracture and fatigue resistance.

- Improved colour brightness for HP MJF colour prints.

For more information on vapour polishing and 3D Printing for Production please get in tough with Incremental Engineering.

Find out more about Incremental Engineering Ltd on their member profile page here

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