Introducing "Track and Trace Reporting" in the Tensor.NET Workforce Management / Security Software Suite

In order to assist organisations in the management of their workforce during the current coronavirus outbreak and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, a new “Track and Trace Reporting” feature has been added in Tensor.NET.

The Track and Trace reporting available in version and above of Tensor.NET provides organisations with the ability to report upon the employees a selected, potentially COVID infected person may have come into contact with while clocking or gaining access.

This new feature enables administrators to track the clocking or access control equipment used by an infected person on site. Tensor.NET generates an accurate list of employees who have used the same clocking units and / or access control readers as the infected person within a pre-defined time interval.

“Track and Trace” also enables administrators to view if any ‘Self-Isolating’ employee, whose card has been locked under the Tensor.NET Pandemic Modifications, has tried to access the site (and been denied access) during the respective report period.

This data helps managers assess and test those who could be in danger of infection, as well as enabling the cleaning of relevant areas and the introduction of isolation measures where appropriate.

The new “Track and Trace” functionality in Tensor.NET is applicable to any type of workplace, from office and business premises (ranging from SMEs to large multi-national enterprises) through to factories and logistics centres, utilities sites, schools, universities (including multi-site and large campuses), as well as care homes, hospitals and healthcare centres.

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