Kreate Spaces Limited joins Made in Britain

Manufacturing the HEX Shade design and a premium supplier of Unidome’s and Tipi’s: Kreate Spaces Limited joins Made in Britain.

Kreate Spaces was incorporated in 2020 at the start of pandemic. It was previously partner of a larger group of businesses supplying the temporary structures for events and exhibitions. These were supplied to blue chip companies, events on the world stage and ethical organisations and charities. The last of these being the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The Company have a history of supplying premium structures to restaurants, hotels and bars which has been an important solution during covid to enable the maximum use of outdoor spaces. Kreate Spaces say that they have an exciting year ahead as the business grows from strength to strength even through the pandemic. New products are being developed and introduced to the range offering a solution to individuals, business and educational facilities.

Gary Bennett, Partner/Director, said “It is an extremely important part of our companies profile, both from a marketing objective communicating to our clients the products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Britain using sustainable, quality materials but also the wider support to other manufacturing business in Britain who still have vast knowledge and depth of skills which can be showcased around the world.”

Kreate Spaces will use the Made in Britain mark on their website, social media and transport vehicle. Find out more about the company at its members’ directory profile here and its website here.

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