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Made in Britain members are leading on responsible sourcing, sustainable business planning and work-life balance for their employees.  

David Chadwick is a long-standing member of MiB and a passionate advocate for less landfill. He’s developed a range of durable (and beautiful) bags made out of locally sourced tarpaulin that has reached the end of its first life on the sides of lorries. Using this as a new raw material has transformed his business and brought him new sales channels and a broader customer base. We have shared David's amazing story in the video feature below.

Those of us reading the MiB members’ press releases every day know there are thousands of good news stories creating the remarkable narrative of thriving makers across all our sectors. But there’s more to the manufacturing community than just passionately making and selling great products. Many members turn their long legacies into strategies for even greater longevity. Others are finding ways to cope with resource scarcity while still addressing people’s heartfelt concerns about planet and people. In our stream of good news about MiB there is a healthy flow of stories demonstrating how members are excellent in many ways, not just with a few percentage points of monetary growth.

At Made in Britain, we’re getting on with long-term plans and short-term actions to make sure members are at the forefront of the solutions in 2019.

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