LifeSaver launch new compact water purifier to help Wayfarers go further

We have launched our smallest, lightest and most compact water purifier yet, the LifeSaver Wayfarer™. Available to buy now,  this pocket-sized, hiking-focused product targets outdoor enthusiasts looking for the pinnacle of water purification and demanding the ultimate in reliability. The safest hiking water purifier available, the Wayfarer™ uses LifeSaver’s advanced two-stage filtration system to not only remove microplastics, bacteria and cysts but viruses too, whilst significantly reducing heavy metals and chemicals. Made in Britain, it is the only hiking water purifier, in a largely unregulated market, to have its technology independently tested to exceed NSF/ANSI P231 standards.

The reviews are already coming in from well respected publications. Here are a sample:

RECOIL: OFFGRID – “We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the LifeSaver Wayfarer will retail at an MSRP of $105. Many purifiers in the sub-$100 price range are made in China with questionable testing standards or no mention of lab testing at all. So, the Wayfarer seems like a solid value in comparison.”

The Gear Bunker – “Next year, my wife and I are planning a backpacking trip, and the Wayfarer will be on the packing list. Because of the Wayfarer’s compact size and robust design, I would recommend it as a must-have for backpackers or those individuals who go on long-distance hikes.”

Backed by 15 years’ experience working in the humanitarian sector, LifeSaver’s technology provides ultimate peace of mind for hikers. First, contaminated water is pushed through an Ultrafiltration (UF) Cartridge, using air pressure created by pumping. The filter’s hollow fibre membranes remove all contaminants larger than approximately 15 nanometres (0.015 microns), which includes bacteria, cysts, viruses and microplastics. The second stage uses an Activated Carbon Disc to absorb chemicals and heavy metals such as chlorine, lead, nickel and cadmium, while improving both the taste and odour of the now purified water.

Once the UF Cartridge has reached its end-of-life, it blocks and will not allow water to pass through. This Failsafe™ technology means there’s no need to track how much water you’ve purified, eliminating the risk of accidentally drinking contaminated water. With the ability to purify up to 5,000 litres of water before the UF Cartridge needs replacing, the Wayfarer™ can provide outdoor enthusiasts with safe drinking water on countless adventures. 

“We identified a gap in the market for a serious, failsafe water purifier for under £95” says Ian Selby, Export Sales Manager at LifeSaver. “We backed that theory with market data and created a design brief which would deliver our lightest, toughest and most compact water purification system to date.  The Wayfarer™ is a true market ‘pull’ rather than product ‘push’. The result is a real game-changer for consumers—the performance of a failsafe water purifier for the cost of a basic water filter.  It keeps hikers safely hydrated for longer and for less money. We’re so proud of our engineers for this feat.” 

Incredibly rugged and robust, all components are made to withstand the rigours of life outdoors and are both BPA and BPS free. Convenience and ease-of-use are also prioritised, with finger grooves helping the user gain a secure hold on the Wayfarer™ and a rotating pump handle for easier left or right-handed use. A 1.3m Scavenger In Hose allows users to reach pretty much any water source and purify it almost instantly. Simply pump, fill your container and drink. There’s no strenuous sucking, extreme pumping or clambering down to reach the water. 

The Wayfarer™ is available to buy right now on our website and also on shelves in Outdoor Retailers internationally.

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