Liquid Nitrogen System for Animal Genetics Company

Scawfell Genetics located in Cumbria use liquid nitrogen deliveried by a gas company which is used in their animal genetics company. The location is a remote farm where deliveries of liquid nitrogen was inconsistent and expensive, Noblegen was able to assist them by offering 2 x LN40AC liquid nitrogen generators. The two generators were installed on the farm under purpose built shelters and automatically run to produce liquid nitrogen in a storage tank for use. Eliminating the deliveries was not only good for the customer (who did not know if it would arrive) but also removes another truck from the roads. 

On-site liquid nitrogen generation is growing both throughout the UK and the world with Noblegen now reaching over 150 machines built and deliveried from its manufacturing site in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear. Most generators are shipped to remote locations around the world where liquid nitrogen is difficult to obtain but as tougher rules on polluting vehicles hits city centres the generators are a real alternative for a long term utility supply.

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