Looking to Cut your Carbon Footprint?

Biogen Systems Limited are a Made In Britain member manufacturing Biomass fuelled Combined Heat and Power systems. The systems are Modular and come in a range of outputs from 25 KWe up to 1 MWe with Heat outputs of 60 KWth to 2MWth. Based in Chester, we are looking for a manufacturing company to receive Base Load Power and Heat from our systems.

Key points are as follows:

·        Biogen will fund installation and connection costs

·        Power and Heat supply on a pay as you use .

·        Energy supply at 5% less than projected market rates for the trial period

·        Trial period 12 to 24 months, at the conclusion of the trial a long term Power Purchase Agreement can be agreed or the equipment removed.

If the above is of interest, visit www.biogensystem.co.uk and/or contact julian.ackerley@biogensystems.co.uk

Find out more about Biogen Systems Limited on their member profile page here

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