Davy J wins the Women of the Future Entrepreneur Awards for her swimwear line

Made in Britain Entrepreneur and Circular Economy advocate from South Devon gains prestigious Positive Luxury accreditation and wins the Women of the Future Entrepreneur Awards for her swimwear line made from recycled waste.

Helen Newcombe, economist , founder of Davy J and a keen circular economy advocate only launched Davy J ’s debut swimwear range ‘The Waste Collection’ in May this year and has already been identified as an entrepreneur to watch and an emerging business leader as she has won the Aviva Women of the Future A ward under the Entrepreneur Category.

Helen has an ambitious vision to create a brand that really reconsiders the way we view materials and advocates for a new way of valui ng the stories and resources that go into making products and brands of the future.

Davy J, run out of a small back office at LSN Architects in South Devon, has also received the prestigious ‘Butterfly Mark’ awarded by the luxury Positive Luxury in recogni tion of their commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

The fabric used in Davy swimsuits contains an innovative recycled nylon fibre – ECONYL® yarn which is 100% regenerated from waste nylon sources. These include discarded fishing nets, carpet fluff, textile offcuts and pre - consumer nylon waste.

For every 100 Davy J suits sold, around 9kg of waste has been regenerated and through a collaboration with the healthy seas initiative among others, spent and ghost fishing nets are actively colle cted by volunteer divers and fishing communities and fed into the regeneration process to prevent the damage they can have to wildlife and ecosystems.

Davy J is also committed to supporting British manufacturing and proudly wears the Made in Britain marque on all its pieces. 

The brand is embodied in the mission to support a circular economy and looks at ways to not only reduce its impact on the environment through its supply chain, productio n and packaging use, but also to actively work with and support processes that reduce wastage and maximise natural resource value at the end of a product’s life .

Davy J suits have been designed to be more durable and last longer. They are d ouble lined and using high elastane content the suits have a w eighty strength to the material which makes for a very strong, high quality and stylish piece

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