Made in Britain joins the All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group

THE Made in Britain organisation has joined The All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group (APMG) to ensure its members’ voices are heard in government.

The APMG exists to encourage the exchange of knowledge and understanding between Parliament and the UK's diverse manufacturing industries, helping to raise the profile of manufacturing both inside and outside of Parliament. It is a cross-party coalition of Parliamentarians, manufacturers and industry organisations that works to develop new industrial policy ideas, critique existing government decision-making around manufacturing and help the manufacturing community better engage with the policy process.

John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain, said, “Made in Britain's membership of the All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group will bring huge benefits to our organisation and, in turn, our members. The needs of manufacturers in the UK in these times of great change transcend party politics and the work of this cross-party coalition is a wonderful fit with the aims and ambitions of the Made in Britain organisation.

“The board of directors and I are excited to be joining the APMG; in fact, I'm beyond excited at the opportunities that will emerge when our organisations work together. We can make sure our members’ voices are heard and their British-made products are considered by procurement professionals in government and local authorities around the country.”

Here's how the APMG annouced the news on its own website.

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