#madeinbritainhour #LIVE from Excell Metal Spinning

At Made in Britain, we’re really proud of our #madeinbritainhour twitter networking forum. Every Thursday from 1-2pm, our vibrant community of British manufacturers, from every industry and sector, come together to talk about all things ‘Made in Britain’. The interaction between our diverse group of makers is always positive and upbeat, and their pride in what they make and passion for what they do, shines through.

Now established as a weekly focal point for supporters of UK manufacturing, we wanted to build on our following and expand the opportunities for our members to showcase what they make. And so #madeinbritainhour #LIVE was born – the usual #madeinbritainhour, but hosted live from a factory!

Made in Britain members Excell Metal Spinning hosted the first ever @madeinbritainhour #LIVE on 17th November. And what brilliant hosts they were. They appeared front of camera in a series of periscope interviews and opened up their factory premises for a live factory tour. The Excell team had already been briefed so they weren’t expecting a large video production team – just one woman and her ipad!

The feedback was really positive with our regular tweeters jumping on to the live stream to say hi! Our favourite comment was:

Our thanks to all our supporters for helping satisfy people’s curiosity about the world of manufacturing, with special thanks to Excell Metal Spinning for enthusiastically embracing this new way to support and promote UK manufacturers.

You can access the broadcasts via Periscope @MadeinBritainGB under “Recent” and the factory footage will be available here soon.

If you are interested in hosting #madeinbritainhour #LIVE in 2017, please email fiona@madeingb.org. We’ve already got some great factory visits lined up.

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