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Excell Metal Spinning Ltd

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Units 9 & 10, Gunners Building
Limberline Road
United Kingdom

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Excell Metal Spinning Ltd

The Excell Story

Our story began in 2000. Back then, we had only one small unit with limited manpower and limited machinery.

Today, we are privileged to connect with customers around the world manufacturing and delivering exceptional products and components. We are now a market leader within the Metal Spinning Industry, exporting to customers from Europe through to Asia. 

Since 2000, we have expanded our factory space to 12,500 Square Foot, and have maintained ISO 9001 Accreditation for Quality Management Systems for over 16 years. We also have the privilege of maintaining the largest fleet of CNC Metal Spinning Lathes in Southern England and have one of the largest Hand Spinning Departments in the UK. 


Excell is named with 'Excellence' in mind and this has inspired our motto; "Excellence in Quality, Excellence in Service". Our logo has also been created with excellence in mind, with an arrow formed as a result of the letters 'E' and 'X' joining. The arrow is symbolic to progress. By turning our logo 90 Degrees anti-clockwise, the gap between the two letters forms a house, which is representative of our 'all in-house' capabilities. 

Excell's Mission

Our mission: To empower businesses and people with exceptional products and components and the power of effective supply management. We do this with Excellence in Quality, Excellence in Service.

Excell's Vision

We have a vision of providing a sustainable partnership, aided through continuous improvement strategies for all our customers. We aim to offer peace of mind as an effective partner with the capacity to scale with you.

Our Metal Spinning Service

We've always believed in manufacturing and delivering the best quality products and components. It's our goal for all our Metal Spinnings to be manufactured under the highest standards of quality, with ethical practices in mind. We source our materials as locally as possible and our expert Metal Spinners deliver amazing results in line with ISO 9001: 2015 standards. 

From traditional hand spinning, through to using the latest CNC technology, we can build on our mission to deliver excellence in both quality and service, ethically and sustainably.

Value added Services

Our factory has since expanded to deliver additional value added services from welding through to fabrication. Our customers not only enjoy a quality service, but also a reduced footfall from the need to multi-source within their supply chains.

Visit our website to learn more about us at www.excellmetalspinning.com

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