Make sure your company and your co-workers know the business is a member of Made in Britain

We can help lots of people in a member company

WHEN a company joins Made in Britain it's usually because someone at that organisation thinks it's a good idea.

They are absolutely right. Made in Britain provides all its members with a licence to use the official, protected mark on all their British-made products. It also offers expert, professional advice in the support areas of a manufacturing business: sales, marketing, PR and export.

Because our offering extends across the disciplines found in our member companies, it is the company that is the member of Made in Britain, not just the individual champion at that business. That's why we encourage the champion to share the website log-in with other departments and co-workers at the member company. That way, other teams and individuals can draw on the expertise we provide, from the regional sales rep to the director of communications. We ask you to not share your website log-in outside of the member company but within your organisation is fine.

We also encourage members to add up to three additional email addresses of people within the member organisation who might be interested in reading our regular email newsletters and announcements. Please check with the person before adding their email address.

Please let us know when a named recipient of our emails leaves. If the website log-in is shared beyond your company or if someone with access leaves, please contact us. We can reset the password but you will need to manage the communication with other users internally.

Photo by Olia Danilevich.

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