Manufacturing the Made in Britain V35 Magnet Drill

Manufacturing the 'Made in Britain' VersaDrive V35 compact magnet drill occurs in stages.

To begin, the machine body must be cast from raw aluminium at a UK based foundry.

This process involves working with a team of specialist foundrymen with over 100 years of British metal casting heritage behind them. Turning our specifications into bespoke patterns, they use these to produce sand and resin moulds that molten aluminium is then poured in to. Once the molten metal has cooled and set, the sand mould is transferred to a rumbler where the sand mould is knocked away to leave the rough cast of the V35. 

Upon completion, the raw aluminium frame is then powder coated before being transported to our Sheffield production facility to be precision machined in our on-site vertical CNC machining centre.

Once complete, the machined casting makes its way through a series of manufacturing production cells, the processes of which have been value stream mapped to ensure KAIZEN efficiency, quality and productivity.

Fitting components in a methodical set of pre-arranged stages, the V35 takes shape.

First the Sub-assembly sees a variety of branding and preparatory elements combined before attachment of the magnetic base.

The unit then moves on to the next stage in the process for main assembly, electrical connection, testing and packaging.

Once completely hand build, tested and ready for shipping, the product is dispatched to be used to speed up metalworking and solve challenges throughout the industry.

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