Market-leading Separation Solutions For The Coatings Industry From Russell Finex

Russell Finex boosts productivity for liquid powder and coatings with innovative sieving and filtration solutions

As the coatings industry continually grows, manufacturers worldwide are looking for sustainable solutions that boost productivity in order to meet growing demand. With over 85 years’ experience, Russell Finex is dedicated to providing proven solutions to help liquid and powder coatings manufacturers meet their production goals.

Russell Finex offers a range of solutions, specializing in machines such as high-capacity sieves that sieve products down to smaller micron sizes, and self-cleaning filters that eliminate waste. Working with leading global suppliers Jotun in the past, Russell Finex helped them meet their capacity requirements with the Russell Vibrasonic Deblinding System® - optimizing their production by eliminating mesh blinding and reducing production downtime.

Similarly, Russell Finex have helped liquid coatings manufacturers Farrow & Ball optimize their paint filtration with two Self Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® units. Installing these helped the company increase their production rate by 100%, while the filter’s reusable elements reduced waste levels. By eliminating the need to replace filter bags and cartridges, the new machines led to fewer disruptions, further improving efficiency.

Russell Finex continually innovates, and engineers market-leading solutions for all coating separation options, catering to the industry’s growing production demands. Established in 1935, Russell Finex is a global leader in sieving and filtration solutions.

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