Marshalls builds on its greenness

ELLAND-based building products manufacturer Marshalls has joined the Green Growth Programme from Made in Britain. Jo Holmes (left), sustainability stakeholder lead, describes the Green Growth experience.

What did the Green Growth assessment tell you about your business?

We’ve been on our sustainability journey for over 20 years now and we’ve been making great progress. The Green Growth assessment was a good opportunity to take an overview and further focus our attention on topics like circularity and the sustainable development goals.

Has the Green Growth assessment changed the way you work?

It hasn’t really but some of the questions did make us look more deeply into certain areas.

How easy was it to gather the data? How long did it take you to fill it in?

It was fairly straightforward to get the data as our sustainability reporting relies on gathering accurate data. It didn’t take very long to fill in the Green Growth assessment – I think it’s in-depth enough without being too overwhelming. I’ve kept a copy of it so I can refer to it partway through the year and assess progress.

Did the Green Growth assessment tell you anything you didn't know?

Not really, though where we weren’t able to ‘tick all the boxes’, it did encourage us to reflect on those areas for improvement. The GG assessment enables us to look at our disclosure and decide whether we’re happy with our plans and progress, or whether we want to engage further on a specific topic.

What has been the biggest benefit, having completed the Green Growth assessment?

The biggest benefit was the ability to reflect on overall progress. We have a very clear sustainability strategy and the GG assessment is a good tool to monitor activity on the areas of sustainability that are key to being a responsible business.

If you would like your business to join the Green Growth Programme, the journey starts here:

For more information about Marshalls, see the company’s member profile page here.

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