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READING through the statistics of this remarkable manufacturing business doesn’t tell the whole story of how it is making such a difference in the vital healthcare sector at home and abroad. Take a look at the detail of its social media streams and the short films made about scalp coolers and you start to see why Paxman is probably one of the coolest manufacturers in Britain, and why Made in Britain has made the company its member of the month for February 2019.

Paxman scalp coolers are used by cancer patients during chemotherapy to reduce the risk of hair-loss. Hair-loss is one of side effects of chemotherapy most likely to deter patients from having the treatment. Of the estimated 3,500 scalp cooling systems installed around the world, Paxman has supplied around 3,000. Export sales account for 82 per cent of its turnover. In the first 12 months of trading in the USA, Paxman reached revenues of over $1.2m. That’s impressive.

Paxman joined Made in Britain in January 2014 – one of the very first manufacturers to agree that one collective mark for Britain’s manufacturers was a great idea. Since joining, the company has chosen to contribute to Made in Britain’s social media strategy, developed new export sales channels, become an official GREAT Campaign ambassador and contributed to the first ever marketing workshop hosted at Roman Ltd in April 2016. Paxman has applied the same strategic criteria to networking in membership and brand development, helping make Made in Britain a better organisation for members in every sector.

Selling products into the complex healthcare sector has to be managed sensitively. Paxman’s approach, bringing together the emotive story of how the business got started, and being transparent about what makes it unique, has proved to be a winning strategy for export sales. Manufacturers are better placed than most businesses to move to vertically integrated models and Paxman is expert at controlling the value chain, even when factoring in export tariffs and overseas commercial partnerships.

Every single Paxman scalp cooler is delivered to customers carrying the MiB collective mark. That’s adding value to the story of Made in Britain as a quality mark and helping buyers and specifiers understand that there’s much more being made in Britain than just planes and cars

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