Naturally Tribal Skincare: Beauty Comes Home

Naturally Tribal Skincare’s founder Shalom Lloyd, was invited to contribute to the latest issue of Harrods magazine in the article 'Beauty Comes Home' with a focus on ancestral beauty.  

In the ‘Beauty Comes Home’ article, Shalom pays homage to our heritage as a brand and discusses how now more than ever people are 'reconnecting with ancient practices, trusting products that have been passed down through generations and rediscovering homelands previously forgotten'. 

It’s an honour for our founder and brand to be featured in this prestigious magazine! We are proud to be a part of A-Beauty, bringing African ingredients to the fore, as well as educating around the amazing and often unknown hidden gems that we combine with classic ingredients in our formulations. We are proud to deliver products that work for all skin types and meet the needs of our diverse customer base. 

Harrods Deputy Beauty Editor Nateisha Scott said ‘As a society, we are gravitating towards solutions that uplift and sustain our desire to be linked to something deeper. And beauty, as a connector, is remapping the way we see, cultivate and appreciate our heritage and homeland’ – and we couldn’t agree more. 

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