Daetech have continued to serve and provide solutions and support for Police during the Coronavirus crisis both here in the UK and abroad.

2020 albeit a challenging year, hasn't stopped Daetech pushing forward with the design and development of the "NEW" Midas Solo.

MIDAS an already established solution and brand within the field of Digital Forensics, is a mobile solution that allows officers and investigators to retrieve CCTV and multimedia evidence from the crime scene, the solution also allows on scene processing, conversion, analysis and enhancement on site, speeding up the whole process of providing lead investigators with actionable intelligence and evidence.

Daetech's new 2020 Portable retrieval solution has had some major upgrades including, internal hardware running with the latest technology to a brand new bespoke aluminium case with improved design, build strength and new custom hinges. The system now also has new scratch resistant printed aluminium panels. The system also incorporates advanced battery technology, wifi and 4g comms allowing offgrid working for upto 4 hours. (8 hours with Daetech battery trolley case).

The new 2020 systems have the latest software incuding daetech's Evidence management Suite and Cognitech Tri-Suite 64 advanced forensic video analysis software integrated into them allowing  investigators to  analise and process  the vast and growing amounts of video evidence.

The new advanced systems have already been supplied to government agencies in countries such as Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.


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