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Daetech Systems (UK) Limited

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Daetech Systems (UK) Limited

Daetech Systems (UK) Ltd research and develop bespoke evidence retrieval, evidence processing and intelligence gathering solutions for Law Enforcement, Military and Government Agencies.
Our solutions are designed and built to agencies specifications based on their operational and environmental requirements.

We believe in working closely with clients and investing in R&D projects aimed at improving technology and services in the fight against crime and terrorism, and as such our portfolio of products and solutions is continually evolving as new technologies emerge to meet the ever demanding specialist needs of our clients.

Although Daetech's core business is State Security and Law enforcement, Daetech provide bespoke solutions and remote off grid computing solutions for research, industry and academia.

We are proud to be global partners with Cognitech Inc and are suppliers, integrators and developers of Cognitech's full range of forensic image analysis products. Our engineers working closely with Cognitech scientists are able to maximise both historic and ground breaking science together with current technologies to bring specialised forensic image processing and enhancement solutions for demanding professionals.

We now have many Systems, Software and Solutions all over the world, including countries such as:

Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Turkey, Lebanon, Mauritius, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India.

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