New aluminium shaft collars are lightweight and easy to machine

WDS Components has extended its existing line up of shaft collars by presenting a new range in aluminium. Adding to its stainless steel and mild steel versions, the new 6061 aluminium shaft collars from WDS are lightweight and easy to machine, making them ideal for OEM or end user customisation. The collars can be used to clamp and position components to a shaft or control rod, securing parts such as tools, fittings, or machinery and in transmission, such as bearings, gearboxes and motors. Collars can also be used as spacers to separate machinery and parts.

The new aluminium range is a response to customer demand. Compared to steel and stainless steel, aluminium is much lighter. Lightweight collars can be important for machines with rotating shafts, or if the machine requires more regular movement where multiple collars increase the total weight.

The new aluminium collars are also much easier to machine compared to steel. This more readily enables customisation, a requirement if the collar needs to fit specific shaft designs or dimensions, either for retrofit or new machine builds. Along with this capability, aluminium shares a similar anti-corrosion performance to stainless steel, ensuring increased durability.
The new aluminium collars are available in semi or double split designs. The semi split collars are ideal when less frequent adjustment is required, with the split closed and the collar tightened with a screw. Alternatively, the double split collar enables the device to be completely removed from the shaft at the point of installation by releasing the fixing mechanism. This design is beneficial if sliding the collar along the shaft is impractical, such as when other parts clamped onto the same shaft would cause an obstruction to movement, or if the shaft is located in a difficult to reach position.

The collars can be locked in place with a screw and allen key or, if more regular adjustment is required, a clamping lever enables tool-free tightening and release. The clamping lever handles are available in colours including light grey, orange, and black. A keyway version of the collar also provides greater security in shaft clamping, intended for higher torque applications to remove the potential of the collar spinning or slipping on the shaft. 

The collars are available in sizes ranging from 12-50mm shaft diameters. Designed and manufactured in-house at WDS’ Leeds production facility, the collars are machined to very high tolerances, optimising positional accuracy for machine builders and end users.

In-house design and manufacturing also means WDS can fulfil customised requirements for higher volume orders, as well as ensuring high stock levels. Many of the part numbers are available under the WDS Stock Guarantee, providing 10% discount on a subsequent order for any required quantity not currently available in stock. For OEM designers, CAD drawings in a variety of formats, as well as full product specification and order information, are available on


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WDS Components is the home of standard parts and machine accessories. Established in 1952 ‘Woodside Die Sinking Company’ made jig and die parts to speed up production in tool rooms, WDS Components has grown from humble beginnings to become a leading European manufacturer and global distributor of high quality durable parts at competitive prices. We supply components, standard parts and machine accessories to original equipment manufacturers, maintenance engineers, small businesses and individuals all over the world. Over 98% of our range is available from stock and can be shipped the same day from our global distribution centre in the UK, using best in class worldwide logistics companies. 

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Our entire range of products is available to purchase on our website WDS COMPONENTS.COM where designers and manufacturers alike can download 3D models of all components in the widest range of formats available. 

WDS Components provide solutions for customers who require a wide and growing range of high quality, competitively priced products, coupled with incredible product availability and same day despatch, backed up by easily accessible technical support. 

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