NHS Supply Chain presents to Made in Britain members

NHS Supply Chain supplied over £3bn (60 per cent by value) of the NHS’s procurement needs in 2021. Over the last two years, it has sourced goods from around 1,100 different suppliers. It plays a key national role in assuring clinical procurement practices and supporting patient safety.

On 9 March 2022, Made in Britain welcomed NHS Supply Chain to speak exclusively to member companies about NHS Supply Chain's role in NHS procurement, why Made in Britain is important to its business plan and connect the NHS’s demand with Made in Britain’s supply. Made in Britain’s CEO John Pearce opened the session.

More than 50 Made in Britain members registered to participate and meet with NHS Supply Chain.

NHS Supply Chain presented how it works, the value it brings to the NHS and its suppliers, where to find and how to bid for tenders, as well as its Procurement Calendar showing upcoming opportunities. 

NHS Supply Chain also highlighted its central six priorities as:

  1. Product quality and safety
  2. Trust operational efficiencies
  3. A resilient and effective supply chain
  4. Reduced cost
  5. End to end clinical assurance
  6. Sustainability

Members can watch a recording of the webinar here (requires login). Or email trade@madeinbritain.org for a copy of the presentation.
The session forms part of Made in Britain's programme of activity on to UK government procurement. If you would like to join Made in Britain's next session on UK government procurement and specifically ‘how to do more business with government in the UK', scheduled for Thursday 28 April, you can register your interest here: https://www.madeinbritain.org/bookings/how-to-do-more-business-with-government.

Made in Britain engagement with NHS Supply Chain was facilitated by George Middleton, principal consultant at MAP and advisor to Made in Britain on government and international trade.

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