No one beats our parcel boxes on cyber security

In an increasingly interconnected world, we’re proud to announce the first parcel locker system with ‘Secured By Design IASME Cyber Assurance Level 2.’  And it gives you the confidence you’re protecting much more than parcels…

We’ve talked a lot about the dramatic rise in parcel deliveries in recent articles. But with e-commerce sales still rising (and now predicted to top $8 trillion worldwide by 2026) our appetite for parcels delivered to our doors represents a real challenge for everyone working in the Built Environment.

Don’t let your parcel box be the weak link in your cyber security chain
The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling us to integrate systems and devices to simplify and streamline our lives. Your building’s occupants expect you to be adopting all the latest technology and smart, digital access to deliveries 24/7 could soon be the norm. But it comes with significant risks.

A recent survey reported nearly 4,000 new cyber attacks occur in the world every day. In the UK alone one business is successfully hacked every 19 seconds. It seems the only thing growing as fast as e-commerce is cybercrime, which in itself is predicted to cost businesses $10.5 trillion globally by 2025.

Your own cyber security is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. Without the right certification, an intelligent or digital parcel box can become an easy target for hackers and cybercriminals and, needless to say, they’re after more than your building’s Amazon deliveries… Once inside your system, hackers can gain access to anything and everything from your doors to your databases, crippling operations and leading to major breaches of personal and sensitive information.

In other words, a parcel box with weak cyber security could lead to serious financial losses and much more serious crime.

Future proofing the safety of buildings and residents
Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises (IASME) is an organisation working alongside a network of almost 300 expert organisations to help counter cybercrime and fraud. It’s committed to helping businesses improve their cyber security, risk management and good governance through an effective and accessible range of certifications. Their certification scheme aligns with all 13 provisions of the worldwide standard in IoT cyber security, ETSI EN 303 645 and with the UK IoT security legislation and guidance.

At The Safety Letterbox Company we’re the very first mailbox and parcelbox manufacturer on the market to be accredited with the IASME IoT Cyber Assurance Level 2, the highest level of certification. (Incidentally, we’re also the first manufacturer of any kind to receive the accreditation in Wales!) This certification goes above and beyond the requirements of the UK’s Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act which only covers three points of the ETSI. And as a Secured By Design member company it allows us to use the Secured By Design Cyber assurance mark on our ‘myRENZbox’ parcel systems too.

myRENZbox can be used throughout the built environment, offering secure and traceable storage and distribution wherever and whenever required: residential, workspace, click & collect, universities and colleges, retail parks, airports, construction sites and more. When you specify or install our IASME certified myRENZboxes you can be sure you’re meeting compliance as well as future-proofing assets, protecting your clients and delivering real value too.

See some of our myRENZbox solutions here.

“Ask to see the certificate”
According to IASME, no other parcel box manufacturer is yet to even apply for Level 2 accreditation which puts our parcel boxes some distance ahead of the rest. Not only that, because we also own and develop our own software and don’t outsource it, we can develop tailormade solutions in just weeks.

Which is why if anyone suggests they can deliver or upgrade a parcel box as secure as ours, we always recommend you ask to see their certificate…

But just as the cyber criminals are always planning ahead, so are we. We’re continually investing in R&D and operating with an eye firmly on compliance, standards and the latest cyber threats at all times. So we can offer the market robust and specification driven mail and parcel solutions that are built for the future, not just today.

Our IASME Level 2 accreditation is another important milestone that further demonstrates our ethos towards security and our total intent to produce only the very best solutions for our customers and end users, providing peace of mind to all.

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