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We take immense pride in the fact that many of our boxes are made at our Box Makers in Kidderminster. Learn more about our experts in Kidderminster who have mastered the traditional art of box making.


In 2019, Potters acquired one of their long-term packaging partners, leading to the establishment of Potters Box Makers. This has enabled us to bring numerous popular product ranges in-house and expand our offerings with new innovative ranges like our hinged boxes EcoHinge. With a team that collectively possesses over a century of experience and knowledge in box making, Potters Box Makers stands as a testament to craftsmanship and expertise. Our EcoBoard, Eco Postal, EcoHinge, Modern, Legacy, and PureBox ranges, as well as our bespoke boxes, exemplify the meticulous craft of our Box Makers.


In an era dominated by automation and cheaper alternatives from the Far East, the art of British box-making is now practised by only a handful of manufacturers in the UK. Potters Box Makers utilise a craft that has been tried and tested for decades that doesn't heavily rely on machinery, whilst producing outstanding packaging time and time again. At Potters, we are committed to preserving this quintessentially British industry by encouraging others to make the switch back to British-made packaging.


Nothing we create starts with the push of a button. Each stage of the box-making process, from sorting and creasing to cutting, foiling, and packing, involves the deft touch of skilled artisans. Thanks to the collective experience of our Box Makers, we can produce several hundred hand-made bespoke boxes per hour, ensuring precision and attention to detail in every piece.


Our Box Makers not only bring our existing box ranges to life but also specialise in crafting bespoke boxes tailored to our customer's unique requirements. The possibilities for customization are virtually limitless, with sizes ranging from 38x38x14mm to 450x400x120mm, over 1000 paper options and hot foil or debossed logo printing. We also offer custom finishing touches such as card or satin-lining inserts and ribbons to tie everything together. Our Box Makers thrive on new challenges, whether it involves conceptualising a new innovative box design or meticulously following strict guidelines to bring your dream packaging to life.


One of the greatest advantages of traditional craftsmanship is the reduced reliance on heavy machinery. The skilled manpower invested in each Potters box minimises the need for extensive, carbon-intensive production lines. Our Box Makers actively strive to minimise waste, such as repurposing off-cuts from foam inserts, which are sent to a local carpet company for incorporation into carpet underlay. At its core, a Potters box is made from premium-quality paper and paperboard, ensuring that every box we produce is recyclable, biodegradable and reusable. We intentionally select paper and board from UK suppliers who share our commitment to environmental ideals.

When someone chooses a Potters box crafted by our Box Makers they not only receive high-quality, sustainable packaging but also contribute to the protection and preservation of the traditional art of box making in the UK.

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