Milton Keynes is our home, a place with a diverse mix of cultural heritage, and the largest settlement in Buckinghamshire with a population of nearly 300k

As a proud award-winning Milton Keynes Business, we are thrilled that Milton Keynes has been awarded CITY status to mark Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee!

Almost 40 places entered a bid for city status, and Milton Keynes is among eight new cities created!

Although we don’t have a cathedral, this city status is even more wonderful because:

·        The status of a city is a marker of prestige and local pride

·        It shows cultural heritage, royal links as well as our local identity and community

·        It opens up opportunities

·        It puts Milton Keynes on the international map as a place to do business

Having won Business of the Year at Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards, we are proud to be in the fastest CITY in the UK for economic growth and the hub where innovation flourishes.

From being in the 'Born & Bred' collective in Harrods to our collaborations with Milton Keynes College and Milton Keynes Chamber, we have always championed our hometown and we are so excited for the opportunities this city status will open up for our local community!

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