Overview Launches Enhanced, Second Generation Integrated Servo Motor, Artemis

Overview Ltd, leading developer of high-precision positioning technology, are pleased to announce the launch of Artemis, a new and enhanced variant to their range of award-winning, direct-drive Integrated Servo Motors delivering high-positional capability with agile, smooth, and silent motion control.

The first product in Overview's Servotorq II series of second-generation, Integrated Servo Motors, Artemis retains all the advantages of the original Servotorq's innovative architecture, combining precision BLDC motors, advanced controllers, high-performance servos and precision rotary position encoders into perfectly integrated, direct-drive positioning solutions. Artemis offers integrators significant feature enhancements and performance improvements resulting from a new motor design, current vector control and a unique new control scheme.

Delivering a maximum torque output of 3Nm, Artemis provides rapid and precise positional control, with 0.0055° repeatability and true zero-backlash. Its upgraded trajectory control properties deliver exceptional servo performance resulting in a stiff and fast control loop, enabling precise trajectory tracking, resistant to external disturbance such as wind gusts.

Artemis has been specifically developed to enable easy integration lowering costs and timescales. Integration is made easier by enhanced tuning, advanced power protection, debug and diagnostics capabilities. A new expansion connector provides functionality for future enhancements and customer-specific needs. Artemis offers near-instant start-up, removing the need for magnetic alignment and zero-point calibration and delivering robust position feedback under all operating conditions. 

Typical uses for this new drive system include broadcast cameras, larger rugged CCTV camera, or any application where larger sensors need positioning with great precision, for example when under autonomous control. Artemis is directly interchangeable with Overview’s existing Atlas Integrated Servo Motor, making it ideal for existing integrators looking to enhance their positioning solutions further.

To learn more about the Artemis Integrated Servo Motor, visit www.overview.co.uk or contact Overview’s Applications Engineering Team at info@overview.co.uk.

About Overview Ltd
Overview Ltd are leading innovators in the design and manufacture of Integrated Servo Motors and advanced sensor positioning systems. They develop class-leading, precise positioning solutions that drive a wide range of applications including high-performance and rugged surveillance platforms, covert cameras, and military sensor systems, which are manufactured by both themselves and their customers. Overview’s innovative technology supports customers in the security, broadcast, defence, and professional AV markets. 

An award-winning and innovative British company founded in 1985, Overview is headquartered in Woking, Surrey. Employing more than 45 highly skilled staff, Overview manufactures more than 75,000 camera and sensor positioning systems per year and invests greater than 20% of its turnover in R & D.

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