Overview Launches New Integrated Servo Motor Variant – Miranda™

Overview Ltd, the leading developer of high-precision positioning technology, this week announced the release of Miranda, a new variant of their Servotorq series of direct-drive, Integrated Servo Motors which deliver high-positional accuracy with fast, smooth and silent motion.

Miranda retains the innovative architecture that Servotorq is renowned for, combining highly efficient, in-house designed BLDC motors, advanced controllers, high-performance servos and precision rotary position encoders into perfectly integrated, direct-drive packages, complete with I/O and communications interfacing.

With a wide dynamic speed range of between 0.05°/s and 720°/s, Miranda’s integrated drive control electronics and software provide closed-loop servo control, delivering position, velocity and acceleration control. Miranda also provides rapid and precise positional control, with 0.007° repeatability and zero-backlash, advanced sensor technology. It is robust and reliable, supporting a wide range of environmental conditions.

Developed to meet the evolving challenges of Overview’s customers, Miranda fills a torque gap within the Servotorq family delivering a peak torque of 1Nm. Miranda’s compact footprint and low power consumption offer integrators a compelling solution for simple installation and cost-effective use in a range of applications including gimbals, PTZ mechanisms, robotics and many more. 

Key features of Miranda include:

  • 1Nm output torque
  • Exceptional accuracy and repeatability
  • Ultra-smooth and silent motion
  • Speed range of between 0.05°/s and 720°/s
  • Zero backlash
  • 24VDC nominal
  • Low, size weight and power
  • Simple connectivity

For more details on Miranda, visit www.overview.co.uk/Miranda

Find out more about Overview Ltd on their member profile page here

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