PALLITE - helping the supply chain through COVID-19

PALLITE is keen to ensure the UK supply chain doesn’t falter in these times of need. The company says it is really keen to help any business who may be suffering from a shortage of transit products. Pallite is trying to work with NHS, ventilator manufacturers and food/supermarket supply chains.

As such, do you know of any businesses who may require additional support or who’s supply chains have been severely affected since the COVID-19 breakout? If there is anything Pallite can help with at all, please do let them know.

Manufacturing is still thriving at its head office in Wellingborough and will continue to produce the highest standard of product for you and your customers.

Pallite understands that demand/supply might be an issue so it is looking at supplying core products at a discounted rate with leaner lead times to help keep business and supply chains moving.

  • PIX® storage solutions to help with demand and keep warehouses fully operational.

Our teams remain available to support you please contact us for more details. 

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