PepsiCo Utilise Limpsfield to Increase Efficiency and Reduce NOx in Shanghai China

PepsiCo utilize Limpsfield to increase efficiency and reduce NOx in Shanghai China

PepsiCo, one of the world's largest food companies, has invested in a new production line in Shanghai, China. The customer selected Limps­eld as the burner supplier because of their capability to handle high temperature pre-heated combustion air and meet the Low NOx requirement. PepsiCo is very happy with the result.

Limpsfi­eld Low NOx solution

- Forced Flue-Gas Recirculation (FGR) allows the flue-gases to be introduced directly into the burner head, on both Natural Gas and Diesel oil.

- Stainless steel burner head and Flue-Gas Recirculation fan.

Project Result

1. Burner is running <3% O2 across the full turndown range and achieving 40-50 mg/Nm3 NOx emissions at a combustion air temperature of 200degC.

2. Heater efficiency of over 92% is measured.

3. O2 trim – constant O2 monitoring and O2 adjustment to increase further combustion efficiency.

4. Heater is running with temperature controlled to 1 degree C to allow for consistent quality of product to be produced.

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