Plunkett Associates discusses what are the advantages of machining in ABS?

Firstly, did you even know we could cnc plastic?! Well, we can, and we do – and there can be huge advantages to doing so which I will go into in a second.
The first point to note here however is that there could well be other processes and materials that we can help you with that you didn’t even know we could offer!
Saving you time and Money…
As a result, we suggest it’s always worth discussing ‘projects’ rather than just ‘parts’ as we may be able to suggest some alternative ways forward which could save you time and money in the long run.
We’re huge advocates of keeping your projects under one roof if possible. If multiple processes and systems are required for a project, increased communication between all parties is always of huge benefit and so much easier when they are next door to each other.
Combine this with the breadth of services we offer (such as machining abs!) and suddenly we can provide you with a much higher level of flexibility regarding options for the way your parts get made and the way the project fits together as a whole. It could be well worth picking up the phone and starting a discussion!
So, machining in abs…
This can be a really useful way to get plastic parts made especially if they are needed quickly and machining has distinct advantages over 3D Printing in many cases, depending on the geometry.
The huge advantage to cnc machining over 3D printing is the far superior surface finishes that can be achieved without any need for post processing. Machining complex geometries is also no problem due to the high level of accuracy and you’ll be provided with superb quality parts as a result.
Combine all this with the possibility of a fast turnaround and you’ve got yourself an economically viable option to consider!

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