Problems sending product samples to Europe?

If your company has problems sending product samples to Europe, or any ’market access barriers’ anywhere else in the world, please report the problem (for each country) via this UK government portal - click “report a barrier” to begin.
The issue of sending product samples came up during our recent Exporting to Europe online session, with a view that this has become significantly more difficult since Brexit.  
Made in Britain recognises that sending product samples can be a key part of the business development and sales process.
The Department for International Trade (DIT) wants to help. The portal is the best place to do that to formally.  Made in Britain suggests that members also alert the DIT International Trade Advisor.  
To find out more on any of the above and make contact with Made in Britain in relation to your company’s exports or imports, please email:

By Made in Britain 1 year ago | Exports

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