Q&A with our resident Hydrogen expert Dr Kris Hyde

As part of our new program of interviews with Hollingworth Design staff, this week, we are meeting Dr Kris Hyde, general manager at HDL.

So, Kris, what are you a doctor of?

My background was physics, but my PHD was in metallurgy-specifically, I was sponsored by BAe Systems to investigate the addition of Scandium to aerospace alloys.

Tell us about your time at HDL

I have been working at HDL for a few years now. My time has been spilt between testing our products before they are shipped to customers and developing the business in terms of systems and processes. As a growing company, when I started we had reached the point where we needed to have written systems in place to improve quality and resilience, so important information isn't stored in people's heads and new staters can be brought up to speed quicker.

Tell us about your Hyrogen work 

Before coming to HDL, my background was in the Hydrogen industry where I gained considerable experience in the science, engineering and commercial aspects of Hydrogen Technologies. I now offer these services as a consultant to a variety of clients.

What sort of background do your clients have?

It is quite broad. People can be developing new technology and are keen to have suggestions about what to do (and more importantly, what not to do). You also have investment firms wanting to understand the technology, markets and key companies etc.

What are your plans for the future?

While HDL continues to grow year-on-year, I am keen to develop the Hydrogen part of the business and I have some patent ideaswhich we are presently testing. If successful, we will then be looking to monetise them.

Sounds very exciting!! Finally, what do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy walking in the Peak District, which is close to our base in Stockport and in the evenings, I enjoy cooking for my family.

Many thanks for your time Kris and good luck with your patents.


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