Qualkem and Donatable: Working together to help Ukrainian families

On our website homepage, one of the first words that you’ll see is the word ‘family’ – it’s because it means so much to us. We are a family business with over 50 years of trading experience, and whilst our company has developed and evolved, we like to think that our ethos and values have stayed exactly the same. 

Honesty, integrity, respect and trust are hugely important to us in every aspect of what we do. And at the very heart of what we do isn’t selling products or providing services – it’s about people; working with people, for people, being decent people. And whilst we can often get immersed in our work and the world of business, we at Qualkem never lose sight of the bigger picture – what is happening in our community, locally, nationally, and the world outside it. Especially when it involves people…..

You’ll also possibly notice on our website how we aim to instil a family culture and encourage all staff involvement in special projects, too. That’s why we were absolutely delighted to work in partnership with the brilliant Donatable (www.donatable.org.uk) to co-ordinate an emergency drop off point in Macon Way, Crewe for urgent supplies to be sent to Ukrainian refugees.

Donatable are a Cheshire-based social enterprise that brings businesses and local community groups together to respond to a community need, and they urged their members to support Qualkem’s appeal in Crewe to support Ukrainian families fleeing the war invasion. The results were staggering, with 25 local volunteers helping to pack 35 pallet-loads that have since been driven through Europe and are now at the Polish border, which we hope will help a number of Ukrainian families who have fled their homeland.

A real sense of community and family values have really shone through during this time: From businesses donating vans, drivers and facilities to the general public dropping off bags of much needed clothes and supplies – everyone has gone the extra mile to show the Ukrainian people that we are thinking of them and really do want to help. Qualkem Managing Director Ivan Anketell comments…..

“When Gareth (Williams) from Donatable contacted me, we couldn’t wait to work in partnership with them on this. It’s been really overwhelming, receiving so many wonderful donations and desperate essentials, backed up by community support and goodwill. 

We’ve had people donating in tears, staff crying, long hours put in…..and although it’s a very upsetting and scary time, we have also seen the very best side of humanity up close recently. We have been absolutely blown away with the level of support that we have received and the efforts of the local community, and the Qualkem team would like to thank everyone involved – they have worked with passion, sensitivity, and professionalism.”  


“Our team of Donatable volunteers and Qualkem staff worked from early in the morning of Friday 4th March, sorting through and boxing hundreds of items; from nappies to warm blankets, dog food, toiletries, toys, clothes and shoes that had been donated throughout the week. 

Such was the response from the volunteering community that ITV Granada Reports came to view the efforts of the community coming together for themselves!”

At Qualkem, we believe that we get one life, live in one world, and are one family That’s why we want to help to look after that world and that family. We know that some may see what we have done as a tiny step, but we think that millions of tiny steps can make a hell of a noise!

You can donate to the emergency appeal here:  


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