Ramer Sponges introduces sustainable sponge with 100% recyclable packaging

Ramer Sponges, the UK’s leading manufacturer of super-absorbent and super-soft sponge products, has launched its first product in its new 100% recyclable packaging.

The new Ramer Luxury Body Sponge (£5.50 RRP) is the first Ramer Sponges product to be sold dry in a cardboard box which can be recycled alongside other household waste. Until now, all of Ramer Sponges’ products have been sold in moisture-sealed plastic bags so that customers can squeeze test the soft sponges before purchasing.

The family-run business developed the new packaging in response to increased demand from consumers for eco-friendly materials. In a recent survey of 2,000 people categorised as Gen Z (those born between 1997 and 2012) by Depop and Bain and Company, 90% have made changes to be more sustainable in their daily lives and 45% are influenced by eco-friendly materials.

The Ramer Luxury Body Sponge is available in its new 100% recyclable packaging in shelf-ready packs of six sponges via www.ramersponges.com. The new product launch will be supported by a digital PR and marketing campaign.

An ethical alternative to a natural sea sponge, the Ramer Luxury Body Sponge has been specifically designed to mimic the texture and feel of the plant-like animal and will instantly soften when soaked in warm water.

As its name suggests, Ramer’s Luxury Body Sponge offers a truly luxurious pampering experience. Used with a preferred shower gel or cream, the sponge will soon create a rich lather, ready to wash and gently exfoliate the skin. The sponge can hold 12 times its weight in water, drenching the skin and providing an incredible bathing experience.

Available in Hessian and Forest Green and made using RamerFoam® Technology, the sponge is super-soft, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. It will harden as it dries, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria, and is machine washable at 40o C.

In addition to leaving natural sea sponges in the sea where they belong, the Ramer Luxury Body Sponge is vegan-friendly.

Paul Lloyd-Smith, Managing Director at Ramer Sponges, commented: “We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Ramer Luxury Body Sponge, the first of our products which is sold in a 100% recyclable cardboard box. There’s no doubt that the demand for environmentally friendly products in the health and beauty industry has increased, so we are pleased to offer this natural sea sponge alternative in recyclable packaging.

“Despite being sold dry unlike our other products which are sold soft in moisture-sealed packs, the Ramer Luxury Body Sponge doesn’t compromise on quality. With the ability to hold 12 times its weight in water, this sponge delivers the optimum luxury bathing experience. This is one of many steps Ramer Sponges is taking to become more sustainable, and we hope to offer our other popular sponge products in 100% recyclable packaging in the future.”

The Ramer Luxury Body Sponge is £5.50 RRP. For more information contact info@ramer.ltd.uk or visit www.ramersponges.com.

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