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Ramer Ltd

It all began in 1945 when the founder, Reginald Boswell began developing a process for a foam material which was exceptionally soft and gentle that could be used for bathing sponges. It should be noted that at this time the only available sponges in the world were sea sponges.

The path to develop these personal care sponges was an unusual one. During WWII, scientists had created a strong and lightweight alternative to balsa wood which was used in the production of frames for the Mosquito fighter planes. Despite being very strong and lightweight when dry, it had one large drawback, it became beautifully soft on contact with water- not quite what you want for an aircraft wing. 

Since 1946, the Ramer name has become synonymous with the manufacture of high-quality sponges for a wide variety of personal care uses. The first production line was housed in a disused gymnasium in Pimlico, London and the first year’s entire produce was bought by the Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics Company.

Ramerfoam® material is also supplied to other manufacturers both UK and abroad, for conversion into components for a diversity of products such as cigar humidors to de-icing systems on the wings of small aircraft. It also has uses in the medical field.

Today, Ramer remains a family company and is the UK’s leading manufacturer of super-absorbent and super soft sponge products for beauty and body-care. We supply customers in the UK and Worldwide and have done so for over seventy years. All Ramer sponge products are manufactured in the UK at our purpose-built facility in Devon, nestled in the rolling hills of the Otter Valley.

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