Re-shoring in Plastic Injection Moulding

Why should you Re-shore your Plastic Injection Moulding Requirements?

Since last year (2019), the Plastic Injection Moulding industry has experienced a surge in the re-shoring of manufacturing back to the UK.

Incidentally, since the impact of Covid-19 has negatively hit many industries within the engineering sector, Plastic Injection Moulding has continued to see growth and an increase in re-shoring and business in turn.

Re-shoring is summarised by British businesses deciding to stop out-sourcing production to low-cost, high-volume countries, such as China, and instead, bring manufacturing back to the UK.

Benefits of Re-shoring for the Customer:

Typically, re-shoring gives the customer shorter lead-times. An easier and simplified process from design and innovation through to delivery, a higher level of ownership and the reduction of the overall cost.

Not only that but with the ever-increasing importance of the impact on the environment, re-shoring in the UK will significantly reduce the carbon footprint. Removing the need for unnecessarily far shipping and using the more environmentally friendly UK facilities, will all help in creating a much greener process for Plastic Injection Moulding. 

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