Ride the School Run

Ride the school run. 

Oct 07, 2022 

Estarli helps fight congestion and pollution by empowering people to do the school and nursery run on eBikes. 

The average journey to school is less than 2.5 miles and Co-Founder, Oliver Francis, believes this provides a real opportunity to make a difference. “For lots of parents, driving the little one(s) to nursery and school is a knee-jerk decision,” said Oliver. "They already know about the traffic nightmare it perpetuates but they might not know about the potential of eBikes to improve their experience. Let alone their bank balances and the planet.”

The Hertfordshire eBike company, founded by brothers in 2020, continues to double its sales year-on-year. Their best-selling bike is a 20” folding eBike that takes various child seats. “Lots of our e20 customers commute on their bikes or take them in the car boot for weekends away but we want more to get a child seat and do the school/nursery trip on their bike”. Joe Weston is an estarli customer from the town where estarli build their bikes. “In the mornings, Berkhamsted town centre is just gridlock,” he says, holding back the painful memories of his commute before owning an estarli. “It takes my wife twice as long to drive as it does for me to go on the bike.” Most days, Joe drops his youngest at nursery before folding the bike onto the train. He continues, “I think for a lot of people, in the past, the idea of cycling in would probably be quite daunting but it’s so simple with this bike.”

In a report commissioned by Bike is Best, half of the UK population said they believed eBikes are a natural replacement for cars. For Oliver, this can’t happen soon enough. “Our town is made for eBikes because the hills are steep and the roads are congested. Spike moments of the day, such as rush hour, bring the town to its knees and that is why we are doing everything we can to extol the values of eBikes for commuters and families alike.”

Estarli is based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire and you can also find their bikes are retailers around the UK. For more information visit www.estarli.co.uk or email info@estarli.co.uk  

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