Safe Hybrid Working

How can you ensure your hybrid homeworkers are safe?

After the effects of Covid a new expression was coined that of hybrid working - the ability to work from home. Many of us used to go into offices and maybe hold a day at home. According to the home office statistics around one in seven working adults worked from home exclusively between 27 April and 8 May 2022, while nearly a quarter (24%) both worked from home and travelled to work.

With so many of us working from home how do we as employers ensure our workforce are still working safe?

Indeed with 24% working both from home and travelling for work, how do we capture any incidents and accidents or near misses in real time?

What’s the Risk?

With Health & Safety still being a larger risk of claim and court action than Employment Law it really does makes sense to look at this seriously. When money becomes tight, compliance can go slip by the wayside.

Many people still have the effects of what is coined ‘psychological safety’. These are effects caused from trauma through a prolonged time of fear, whilst having to deal with various difficult situations. It is no surprise that we are hearing a lot of news around mental health and wellbeing. So how will you know that employees are feeling well or having some unwell feelings around safety, whilst at home alone?

As responsible employers we care about our staff and ensure we have all the tools to support engagement, inclusion, and wellbeing. After all, happy staff make for a performing organisation.

These are the reasons why Library Suite a Made in Britain company, created our Automated Safety System. It manages all your HS compliances and reports on Risk, Performance and Compliance. Even better than that, it even automates your staff training. And even more is its ability to provide staff with a reporting system to report how they are feeling whilst working at home. In all such cases these reports are confidential and report direct to responsible person/s in your organisation that ensure staff and cared for, regards their health and safety. 

We are making this all very cost effective and affordable. Afterall, don’t we all deserve to feel safe?

You can now with Library Suite HS edition.

With prices starting as low as £179 a month including vat, it’s as cheap as chips! Literally it can cost less than a bag of chips for employees within an SME. Not stopping there, we also offer the first 30 days as a free trial. 

With all of these tools available to you, is there any excuse or reasons not to start your homeworking health and safety support tool today?

Do the right thing and click here to start your trial…

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