SEPURA™ become the main sponsor of Houston Wolves Soccer Club

Bowman Stor and very pleased to announce that SEPURA Technologies will be the main sponsor of Houston Wolves Soccer Club at Britannia Soccer Park in Houston TEXAS next season in the inaugural year of the club. SEPURA have many firsts to their name and this is another very exciting one for the long term positive aims of the soccer club on and off the field. 

It was really good to see Aleczander replicating Diego Costa with Jack the Husky Mascot, Aleczander and his family have been massive supporters of the club and represent the wonderful people who make up Houston Wolves Soccer Club community.  Aleczander said "next season is going to be AWESOME!"

 We are looking forward to being part of something very special at Houston Wolves Soccer Club over the next few years and beyond as the club continues to grow and thrive.





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