SiIver Award at IET Excellence and Innovation Awards for Communications and IT.

The team at Radio Data Networks are proud to announce that last night they scooped their third successive Silver Award at the prestigious annual IET Excellence and Innovation Awards, this year in the area of Communications and IT.

The Institute of Engineering Technology is one of the world’s largest professional engineering institutions with over 155,000 members across 148 countries ( Last night’s event was held in Glasgow at the Glasgow Science Centre on the River Clyde. This centre offers a highly interactive hands-on experience for those wishing to understand more about the science and engineering that underpins our modern world

RDN’s managing director Eur Ing Brian M Back stated this was a rather David and Goliath achievement, as in doing so the company successfully beat several household brands in the world of communications and IT.

The award was given for RDN’s innovative range of portable gauging stations that have since their launch just 2-years ago have been used on several projects to help tackle the impacts of climate change, from flooding to drought deficit, to improve both resilience and in the case of the rail industry, safety.

Key to the success of the gauging stations has been the hybrid use of Iridium satellite communications ( with terrestrial radio telemetry enabling the stations to both report from absolutely anywhere, in particular the cellular “not spots”, but also simultaneously have the ability to issue local control commands should they be needed to reduce flooding by controlling smart assets such as flow regulators or sluice gates.

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