Standards agencies give Zaun clean bill of health and customers approve

PRODUCTION and customer processes at a leading steel fencing systems manufacturer have been through the mill of audits in recent weeks – by customers, the security ratings standards body and an international certification agency.

Made in Britain member Zaun’s processes have been re-certified to the 2015 standard of ISO9001 by Bureau Veritas. The 2015 standard puts more emphasis than its 2008 predecessor on stakeholder impacts and requires greater awareness of risks by the manufacturer.

The scrutiny by the Loss Prevention Certification Board at the Buildings Research Establishment is entirely on the security performance of products in their actual installed state. Zaun’s SR product range has been re-accredited to SR4 to SR1 ratings.

And finally, but perhaps most importantly, one of Zaun’s largest and longest-standing customers with the need for Critical Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) has given the business a ringing endorsement.

Quality control and health and safety manager Dave Sayers says improvement drives are never 'for the sake' of getting the certification but are rather driven by customer demands. Zaun has undertaken extensive work through its continuous improvement plan to understand its processes and how they interact and impact on each other.

It is now monitoring to ensure that all deliveries arrive right first time, which includes them being on time, in the right quantity and of optimum quality. It has also introduced KPIs for complaints handling and is so far performing pretty favourably.

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